Stop the Pay Squeeze

Stop the Pay Squeeze

Members will have seen the message from Sally Hunt on the national ballot for industrial action, with your ballot papers arriving in the next few days. Sally very clearly sets out the context in which we are balloting, setting our real time 13% pay cut against rising workloads and stress levels in HE. Please vote YES to both forms of action- we need a strong mandate from members to send a clear message to the employers.

UCUG will be sending out regular updates and we have a UCUG meeting on 2nd October at 1.00pm in the Humanities Lecture Theatre, room 255, Main Building. Our speaker will be UCU Scotland President, Dave Anderson.

Please come to the meeting and bring your colleagues.

You can download posters for your doors and find more info at:

and if you tweet –follow @UCU and UCUGlasgow #fairpayinhe #voteyesyes

Saturday Open Day – advice to members

Members have raised concerns about expectations around the Open Day on Saturday 26th October. UCUG advice is that staff may wish to volunteer but that any attempt to coerce or demand attendance should be refused. Members may wish to contact the UCUG office if they have a particular concern.



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