UCUG Action Update

Thank you for all the messages of support and offers of help, they are very much appreciated and show the depth of feeling in this dispute.  Members wishing to join the placards13picket on Thursday 31st  can gather from 7.00am at the main gate on university avenue. We will have official material on hand  but do feel free to make and bring your own witty placards. The union offices at 68 Oakfield Avenue will be open for tea and coffee. There is a Glasgow rally at 12 noon in Adelaide’s in Bath Street with speakers from all three unions as well as from the wider trade union community.  There are really useful materials on the Pay Dispute page  http://www.ucu.org.uk/hepay13 for discussing the action with students and colleagues.

We had a flurry of emails about the Principal’s message last week and UCUG have written a response which is posted here.

Working to contract: What action is the union asking me to take?

UCU is calling on HE  members to begin working to contract and working to rule from 1 November 2013. This means that we’re being asked to abide strictly by the terms of our contracts, so the first thing to do is to dig out your contract of employment and refer to that when reading this advice.

We’ve put together this advice to help you to understand the kinds of things you should and should not be doing.

In brief, members should:

  • to work no more than their contracted hours where those hours are expressly stated, or where they are stipulated in a workload agreement and in any event not to exceed the maximum number of hours per week stipulated in the Working Time Regulations (48 hours a week)
  • to perform no additional voluntary duties, such as out of hours cover, or covering for colleagues (unless such cover is contractually required)
  • to set and mark no work beyond that work which they are contractually obliged to set and/or mark
  • to attend no meetings where such attendance is voluntary on the part of the members
  • to undertake no duties that breach health and safety policies or other significant employer’s policies

Some of it sounds simple and basic but we know from experience that Glasgow University runs on significant amounts on unpaid work and goodwill. This is why we are withdrawing in this action. You can find more information and FAQ at http://www.ucu.org.uk/workingtocontract

If you can’t find an answer here or are not sure – then please contact the UCUG office for advice ucug@gla.ac.uk

UCUG will be sending out regular updates on what sort of activities are not happening across campus as a result of the work to rule as well as finding things for you to do with your free evenings and weekends, such as the Glasgow Fireworks on 5th November or simply catching up with the world and finally watching Breaking Bad.


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