UCU Glasgow General Meeting 22nd February

There will be a meeting of UCUG members on Wednesday 22nd February at 1.00-2.00pm in room 201, MacIntyre Building. We will be discussing motions for local, UCU Scotland and National UCU Congresses. There is a packed agenda including topics for discussion on workloads, TEF and car parking. Do come along and bring a colleague.

The full agenda can be found here as PDF

UCU Elections We have just over a week left to vote in this year’s general secretary, NEC and trustee elections. Make sure you have voted by Friday 24th February to get your vote counted.

What am I voting for? Our General Secretary is the elected leader of our union and has a key role to play in directing what sort of a role we play as a union. However, we are also voting for the NEC. The NEC, guided by Congress, the annual delegates conference, meet and vote on key decisions about what we do as a union, from calling ballots for industrial action to deciding through sub-committee on legal support for individual members. Your vote has a big impact on your working life. By voting you have power in making sure that you get the kind of union you want.

Why do I need to vote? We are living in a time of great threat to trade union activity. One of the barriers which stops unions from acting to confront the attacks on our working lives such as workload, redundancy and zero-hour-contracts is lack of participation. Whenever members don’t get involved in the union or vote in key decisions the power the union has is weakened. If you are struggling with your working conditions then get voting – each vote gives us more power as a collective, regardless of who you vote for.

What do my ballot papers look like? I get a lot of post and I might have missed them
Your ballot papers are in a large white rectangular envelope with UCU on it. They may have come to your home address or to your work address depending on which you gave when you joined.

I don’t have my ballot papers – what do I do? If you have not received your ballot papers, then you need to contact Kay Metcalfe asap – her email address is kmetcalfe@ucu.org.uk

Who should I vote for? You should read the candidate statements and vote for who you think will act to represent you best. UCUG have posted election material as we have received it on the blog here.



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