Strike Day 11 – Tues 13 March – Update, (with Day 10 Blog below)

Events are rapidly moving. Last night UCU published a document outlining a draft proposal following talks with UCU, UUK and ACAS. Twitter quickly and pretty decisively “rejected” the deal. However as UUK have taught us, Twitter is not necessarily the best place for this kind of thing….

Our branch Hon Sec travelled down to London yesterday evening and was Incommunicado for a bit. Logistics in general were horrific and we didn’t want to go all UUK on you….However we knew folk were anxious to hear something so thanks for bearing with us.

So: Day 11 Story So Far…

A great turnout on the early picket (7am-9:30); students amazing again; and massive thanks to She-Boom Drummers who really ramped up the atmosphere. Meanwhile BBCR4 “Today” programme was broadcast from the Uni Chapel, and also came out to interview some people on the picket.

From the picket line, our President Jeanette announced an Emergency Meeting for 9am. SRC also joined us on the picket; and v kindly provided a room for us to meet. The meeting was packed out, around 150 folk. Jeanette (Branch President) outlined the situation re strike in general, deal etc; then we had contributions from Dr Iain Banks, Dr Brian Smith, another audience member, then a student. A mini Q&A was followed by a vote (via show of hands) on The Proposal. Result (albeit not formal; but we are in unprecedented territory here) was to Reject.

An email also went out to branch members just after 8am, asking individuals whether they would accept/reject. Replies from members also suggest the vast majority reject the proposal.

Branch view (as ascertained from picket line; branch email; Emergency Meeting; general “flavour” of Twitter posts) was communicated to Craig (Hon Sec) who will represent/vote on behalf of UCUG at The Meeting.

So; what is The Meeting?

A meeting was called for today (11am-2pm) at UCU HQ in London, where each Branch had to send a Rep. This is to hear each “side” of the “deal” then take a vote. HEC (UCU Higher Education Committee) were also meeting; both before and after this Branch Reps meeting.

** Update from Hon Sec follows **

The meeting heard every single branch reject the proposal. HEC are currently meeting to work out our next move. Sally Hunt will email all members this afternoon with a further update.

To clarify; UCUG are still on strike!! Day 12: Picket tomorrow (Wed 14 March) 8-11am as usual; followed by the Wednesday Teach-Out in QMU.

Pics will be posted later.

Thanks everyone, your support is fantastic and I would also like to say a huge thanks at this point to all our Branch officers (who do this work on a voluntary basis) and all of our membership, whichever grade, stage, age, whether an officer or not. You/we are all UCUG x

Strike Day 10- Mon 12 March – Blood & Guts.

Week #4. Day 10 of 14 – that takes guts. So that just leaves the ‘blood’. We’ll get to that. So, with batteries suitably charged I was ready for battle; for me it was 1 nice meal out, 1 concert, 1 Netflix binge and 1 cinema (Mother’s Day) trip with my mum to see ‘I Tonya’. We both have a particular interest in Ice Skating but this is hardly the place to spill the beans. Ask me on the picket lines! Today I arrived at the picket line FIRST. 7.57am is what it takes, but I finally did it. Only minutes after, we had a wee group and our first guest. Local MP Patrick Grady. Can you spot the Labour voter?

It was a total coincidence that the SNP students turned up for their first stint on the lines.

Other parties will see this as clear evidence of the sinister mind control that the SNP exerts over its supporters. Whatever your political persuasion, fair play to PG for turning out as promised at exactly the time he said. Thanks. Other notable guests today were Satnam Ner (President of the STUC) and Dee Matthew (EIS)

And then, ‘as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared’ [1]

[1]. Mr Benn (1971) BBC Children’s TV.

Down at Dumfries they also had a visitor, in the shape of Colin Smyth (Labour MSP)

I have joked in the past that our President demands more than just your presence and commitment to the cause. Ok, it’s not exactly Culloden, but at exactly 8.45am the first 5 soldiers were dispatched to give blood;

Down at the Botany Gate it was all getting very musical and I had the chance to get involved;

But let’s not forget what this is all about. And the final picture sets the scene for Day #11. And what a day that would turn out to be!


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