Strike Day 11 – Tuesday 13th March – Part 2 #NoCapitulation

What a day! ‘The day after the night before’ springs to mind coz last night was mental. Trying to have a quiet pint or two (maybe more) in a London boozer with an old pal whilst my phone is buzzing, twitching, binging and beeping. He’s an understanding chap and so didn’t mind the chaos – Thanks Danny. Fortunately my email account had died by the time I got back to my room. I dread to think what I might have sent the entire membership after a few too many sherbets and finally having time to digest ‘the deal’. Anyway, today was quite a day. Whilst the troops in Glasgow were up early to entertain the BBC, I was making new pals at UCL;

The twitter storm of the previous evening came up with a very clear message, reflected across the UK, and perfectly illustrated by Becca;

All the UCU branches were asked to send a rep. down to HQ for a briefing. At the time of agreeing to go we had no idea what any deal would look like. By the time I reached Carlow St (as part of the UCL March) it was clear the the London branches were really unhappy. Sally came out to talk to the crowd and got pelters (can you spot the ‘ghost of public education’?). I was looking around for Ross Kemp, ‘coz it was all about to kick off!’.

Back at GU the emergency meeting voted unanimously to reject the deal.

That got fed back to me at the London meeting (along with the email count) and on our behalf I rejected the deal; as did every other branch. As it was an early finish today some of us got involved in community work;

And finally, after a fairly serious day at the coalface (needed to get a miners ref in), I give you this.


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