Strike Day 12 – Wed 14th March – ‘Piper at the Gates at Dawn

Today was going to be an interesting one. What would the mood in the camp be after our rejection of the deal? Would everyone just stay home and have a duvet day? If anyone turned up would it be a subdued picket line or would we be fired up for round #2. I decided to call the troops to action at 8am with the skirl o’ the pipes. Step up Pipe Major Alejo Rodriguez. Now bear in mind poor Alejo (from Buenos Aires) has not played outside on a cold March morning since his busking days of about 8 years ago. If he looks familiar it’s because his office was outside the Apple shop on Buchanan St for several years. Since then he’s gone straight. He didn’t get a haircut but he did get a proper job.

‘Piper at the gates at dawn’. I’m giving away my love of prog rock with that title. Hopefully someone out there will get the joke. I promise you it’s really really witty 🤓

Did I mention I arrived first today? 2/12 ain’t bad.

But the early shift were soon there bang on 8am. Impressive stuff. As expected we got some guests. Today we had Richie Venton from USDAW (Union of Shop, Distributive & Allied Workers). We gave him the expected treatment; warm welcome, strike update, friendly chat, photo op and oodles of gratitude for his solidarity. Nothing else should be expected. Erm, take note UCL-UCU, I came from Glasgow and never even got offered a leaflet!

And our brothers from the EIS visited. As an only child I have to say all this ‘Brothers & Sisters’ stuff is really quite amusing, but strangely comforting.

EIS brother John on the far right, sorry right hand side, not far right, we don’t want any of that on our lines. We had some good placards today.

I have to say ‘Revise and Resubmit’ is extremely generous marking. I’m reminded of a Prof I used to double mark with; he would often write ‘nothing of any value here’ on the inside back cover of a completely full script! Lord only knows how he’d grade ‘the proposal’. Meanwhile, the musical Bower Gate had transformed into an old-Skool chalk n talk picket gate. Presumably all Blackboard messages will be uploaded to Moodle2 in good order to mitigate against any possible disruption or impact to our custo…..sorry students.

Right we need to talk about The Clap. No, no no, not the solo guitar piece on the YES Album, the 1 minute clap. Suggested I think by brother Ian (Shaw). Inspired thinking there bro. 1 minute continuous (by all UCU branches) for all us striking strikers and everyone else that striked; it’s not really ‘stuck’ is it? Naw canny be. Striked. So here’s a small dose of the clap 👀😱

While we’re back at the main gate. What about those mischievous students? Blocking the gates so that the Campus Security Guards have to come out and direct traffic? I swear it’s tough trying to manage a peaceful quiet orderly polite and courteous picket line when you have these utter rebels to contend with 👨‍🎓 Gaun yer’sel ✌️🤘👍🏻

And then it was drill time. El Presidente had decided that if were going to march into town on Friday we would be doing it in a neat and tidy, well drilled, by the left (of course!) quick march style. In order to determine how much work this battalion needed we decided to march them round the campus. The troops thought it was a hoot but they didn’t know we were examining their performance for establishing positions on the starting grid for Friday.

And after that it was in to town to meet the Glasgow City Council ‘Processions Officer’. We were applying for only the 3rd ever ’emergency procession’ and that, people, required a face-to-face with the PO. We were most impressed by his professional approach to processing. Every detail was covered; route, marshals, band or no band, numbers expected, high-vis bibs, anti-terrorism procedure (nae kiddin). There would be no turn un-stoned on this officers watch. One can only imagine his horror if anyone ever marched 250 people into town without permission. I’m having kittens just thinking about the potential fall-out from that (Jeanette!!!).



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